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Membership with LegitMassage.com is for
Licensed/Certified Massage Therapists only

Gaining Legitimacy through Legit.

We're inspired by the growth of our profession and the steps we've taken towards gaining legitimacy in the health care industry. That is why we only feature LMT's who have fulfilled the necessary requirements per state regulations. Membership with LegitMassage.com is for Licensed & Certified Massage Therapists only in order to maintain standards of excellence. We believe that promoting our profession takes additional precaution to ensure that we are chipping away at the misconceptions about massage. We are building a future for the next generation of LMT's while helping others to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

Being ahead of the trend.

We are inspired by the growth and transformation that is happening in our industry. And with the help of the internet, therapeutic relaxation massage is gaining popularity and acceptanceat at a faster rate than ever before. At LegitMassage, we know that being ahead of the trend and keeping pace with advancements in technology are vital. Rest assured that our team remains up to speed on all things media-related so you can focus on all things massage-related.


Your Online Profile Has Never Looked Better.


We are committed to the legitimacy of our profession and protecting the LMT image. That is why it is so important to present yourself in the best possible format. With Legit, you have the tools to create a flawless online profile - safely, quickly, legitimately.


First impressions are everything. It could mean the difference between booking your next client or losing out to another therapist. Our site shows clients that you are internet savvy with easy-to-use features such as uploading digital images and videos, connecting via facebook and twitter, and concise marketing info with your location, rates, and availability included.


At Legit, we know that having a professional, well-executed online profile is invaluable. Your LegitProfile is the single most powerful way to communicate your skills to potential clients. Save, money, time and energy while growing your business. Now that's powerful.

Your Online Office

Convenient. And Secure.

The internet is our most powerful tool. The ability to connect with others in seconds. Just imagine how this potential could be realized. LegitMassage makes it possible.

The Legit Cloud system allows massage therapists to store their clients contact information, appointments history, session reports (SOAPs) and even intake forms! Now, clients can fill out initial intake forms online. And after each session therapists can write a report which is also stored in the cloud. They can quickly access them and review anywhere, anytime from any pc or mobile device. Powerful encryption keeps your data secure and private. An SSL certificate keeps you and your clients safe by protecting the information that's flowing to and from the website.


Your intelligent Analyzing Manager.

The Legit Cloud has built in statistics so massage therapists can track and easily analyze their revenues. It is divided by in-calls and house-calls services and it includes tips tracking too. Already a great system with built in comprehensive tracking features and now the Legit Cloud allows therapists to track who their top clients and best referral sources are.

  • Session History & Client Tracker
  • Revenue Tracker
  • Intake Form & Soap Application
  • Comprehensive Statistics

And the list goes on and on...
As the technology continues to progress, we will be there every step of the way.

Online Scheduling

The whole package.

paypal payments

Membership with LegitMassage.com is for
Licensed/Certified Massage Therapists only

Amazing features. Easy-to-use interface.

There is also an integrated into the cloud sophisticated online scheduling system. It is sophisticated because it includes for the first time online payments! Clients can now schedule appointments and pay for their sessions online, buy packages or even gift certificates for their friends with paypal or credit cards. Everything right out of the Legit Cloud. All therapist needs is a paypal account. The best part... we don`t charge any fees for transactions!

The Legit Cloud is exclusively for legitmassage members only.


Everything Begins With Your Health.

One of the most exciting benefits of being a LegitMassage Member is MassageSwap. Give a Massage, Get a Massage!


The best way to sell a service is to use that service. Truly promote what you believe in: massage as a way to live better.


LMT's. Specific Modalities. Ease of Location. It couldn't be simpler to trade massages.


Find peers. Find mentors. Connect with your community of LMT's instantly.

where you practice grows

First impressions are everything. It could mean the difference between booking your next client or losing out to another therapist. At Legit, we know that having a professional, well-executed online profile is invaluable.

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Membership Features:

Profile in a Massage Directory
Online Scheduling Software
Session , Client and Revenue Tracker
Online Intake Form and Soap Application
Gift Certificates & Packages Online Store
Integrated Online Payments System

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